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ClariVein is a new treatment for Varicose Veins.

It was introduced into Europe in the Summer of 2010.

ClariVein works when a fine tube ( catheter) is passed into the vein, under a local anaesthetic. The tube is then connected to a special device that rotates and damages the lining of the varicose vein.

A medicine, similar to that used for Varicofoam, can be injected at the same time.

There is little evidence to show that ClariVein is better than exisiting methods but it does show potential, particularly as it is relatively painless compared with VNUS and RFiTT. This is because the surgeon does not need to inject fluid into the thigh to cool the vein.

The treatment costs about the same as endovenous ablation.

ClariVein is likely to be available for Veincare Surgeons to use in 2011.

If you are interested in ClariVein, please complete the form below and we will let you know more when it is available. We may decide only to use it as part of a scientific study.

"The main advantage of 'ClariVein' in comparison to older endovenous therapies," Dr. Elias said, "is that it does not require tumescence anesthesia infusion, saving significant time and decreasing patient discomfort. In addition, a generator is not required, and therefore capital and maintenance cost is reduced. This in-office procedure takes about 15 minutes to perform and patients resume normal activity that day, including exercise. All patients would recommend the procedure to others."

Thirty patients with an average age of 55 were part of this first-in-man trial. Most patients had symptomatic varicose veins, with some having more advanced vein disease such as swelling and skin changes. Mean vein diameter was 8.1 mm. Treatment for each vein averaged 5 minutes and overall procedure time was 14 minutes.

At six-month follow-up, 29 of the 30 veins treated were successfully closed. The only vein that did not respond was that of the first patient. Subsequent to the trial, to date 22 other patients have had the ClariVein® procedure, with all being successful.

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